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Our history

The company of Germac was found in the early seventies with strong experience from a engineer specialised in the projection of dishwashing and glassware-washing machines for industrial use.

Right immediately it also realized dosing systems, injection systems and liquids transfer units.

Strong with over thirty years of experience, Germac proposes always as unique and most reliable partner for the majority of the most important industrial manufacturers for cleaning and detergency systems.

The apparatus from Germac represent a synthesis of efficiency, rationality and reliability that together with a modern and compact design permit the use of it also in most difficult conditions of installation.

From the year 2006 Germac entered to make part of the AQUA group, European leader in filtration and water treatment systems thus further strengthening its knowledge and its capacity of investments in order to always remain ahead of the market requirements and the customers.


Our products:

Hydraulic dispensers - 1000P, 1000R, 2000P, 2000R, 2001P, 2001R, 3000.

Peristaltic pumps fixed delivery - G80B, G80D, G150, G200, G250, G292, G290.

Peristaltic pumps electronic regulation time-pause - G82B, G82D, G152, G202, G252, G302, G300, G305, G650, G655, G42, G43, G45, G53, G54, G700, G705.

Peristaltic pumps for laundry - G802, G804, G806, G808.



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  • 10 Masr LiTameir Building Area 2, Sheraton, Cairo, Egypt.
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  • +2 (02) 2267-9819