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Our history

The company of Germac was found in the early seventies with strong experience from a engineer specialised in the projection of dishwashing and glassware-washing machines for industrial use.

Right immediately it also realized dosing systems, injection systems and liquids transfer units.

Strong with over thirty years of experience, Germac proposes always as unique and most reliable partner for the majority of the most important industrial manufacturers for cleaning and detergency systems.

The apparatus from Germac represent a synthesis of efficiency, rationality and reliability that together with a modern and compact design permit the use of it also in most difficult conditions of installation.

From the year 2006 Germac entered to make part of the AQUA group, European leader in filtration and water treatment systems thus further strengthening its knowledge and its capacity of investments in order to always remain ahead of the market requirements and the customers.


Our products:

Hydraulic dispensers - 1000P, 1000R, 2000P, 2000R, 2001P, 2001R, 3000.

Peristaltic pumps fixed delivery - G80B, G80D, G150, G200, G250, G292, G290.

Peristaltic pumps electronic regulation time-pause - G82B, G82D, G152, G202, G252, G302, G300, G305, G650, G655, G42, G43, G45, G53, G54, G700, G705.

Peristaltic pumps for laundry - G802, G804, G806, G808.


Hi-Seat is a high back rest seat specifically designed to offer top comfort for spectators during the sports event they are attending, so that they can really relax and enjoy the show.

Hi-Seat is made in line with rules regarding seat resistance for sports events.

Hi-Seat is made with a single mould of thermoplastic material.

Technology: injection moulding of coloured copolymer polypropylene with polypropylene master batch.

Finish: semi-glossy.

Hi-Seat is made by 1st class fire resistant material, so that it resists burning, withstand heat and UV rays. In additional Hi-Seat has obtained resistance certification EN 12727:2000. 

Numbered plate: made with polypropylene.

Fixing: the Hi-Seat is secured with 3 M10 screws directly into the stepped floor surface.

Drainage: the Hi-Seat contains drain holes.

Protection from vandalism: all fixing points remaining covered and protected by special designed components that can not handly removed. Moreover, the full adhesion to the stepped floor surface in relation to the base and front of the seat considerably reduces the margin for acts of vandalism.



*CLASS 1 fire resistance

*Resistance to loads/fatigue in line with EN 12727:2000


- Seat/backrest static load

- Backrest static horizontal load EN 12727:2000

- Backrest static vertical load EN 12727:2000

- Shocks against the seat EN 12727:2000

- Shock against the backrest EN 12727:2000

- Seat/backrest fatigue EN 12727:2000

- Backrest horizontal fatigue EN 12727:2000



• Hi-Seat is a high back rest seat specifically designed to offer top comfort for spectators during the sports event they are attending, so in this way they can really relax and enjoy the show.

• SHOULDER SUPPORT: this part of the seat is designed to disperse the weight and support the torso by simulating its shape.

• SERVICE AREA: this area is used to place objects spectators may carry with them (umbrellas, newspapers, bottles, etc.), as well as being a feature design of the seat.

• LEG SUPPORT AREA: this area is designed to prevent the spectator’s legs from sliding forwards and makes the back of the seat more stable.

• SUPPORT FOR ISCHIAL AREAS: the seat has fully anatomical shape to give support to the tailbone and lower back.

• BACKREST HEIGHT: the height of the backrest has been increased to provide for greater adhesion and support between the seat and the spectator.

Swimming ... and the mind begins to fantasize, imagine how it would be nice to have in your home garden.

Until a few years ago the inground pool was considered a luxury item, accessible to few.

Today, the dream has become reality.

Construction techniques and innovative materials allow a wider range of people to achieve the dream of an inground pool.

With a small investment today in fact, you can design and build a swimming pool, from the many shapes and sizes, satisfying

the various needs within your home space.

Relax, wellness and fun "at hand," they add unmatched value to your everyday life and not only put a pool in your home horizon will allow you to unquestionably increase the value of the property.

Hi-POOL sale pools.

We are at your disposal to turn the dream into reality.

We will expand your horizons, thanks to a wide choice of products and tips that you will find in our catalog of pool construction.

We are ready to give your home a new perspective.


Wellness engineering it's an operating division of Aqua S.p.A. the European industry leader in the production of water systems and pool parts.

Each component of the systems, all equipement and all accessories are developed, manifactured and tested in Aqua S.p.A. Italian factories.



A production line which is updated with the most recent technology, research programs developed in cooperation with medical staff, athletes, certification laboratories and experts in biomechanic allow us to plan innovative and update solutions, ensuring at the same time a careful monitoring of the results.

Environment and sustainability are very important points for us. We keep on study materials and usage systems, in order to guarantee the highest levels of environmental compatibility and consumption reduction in all the products, together with the users maximum safety standards.

Quality management system is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.



Getting into the game 100% is the philosophy that underlies the Hi-Green operation. Hi-Green, which has been created after extensive experience with synthetic grass, addresses to the sports world with innovative proposals and solutions, performs constant research in collaboration with biodynamic experts and university laboratories, and pays great attention to environmental protection and sustainability. Following this approach, it guarantees, in addition to the safety of athletes, performance with maximum environmental compatibility and optimisation of the operating costs for the installations.



Each turf Hi-Green guarantees safe and performances. These are the main references for our research activity.

Shocks cushioning, energy restitution, rotational strength, ball bouncing and wear resistance are just a few of the many parameters of our turfs, according to the highest standards fixed by the most important international sport associations.

Investing in our turfs is particulary convenient thanks to the possibility to use in every climatic and geographic condition, together with the low costs for maintenance.



• 220 ROYAL 

• 220 PRINCE

• 320 DREAM

• 370 QUEEN


Born in 1974 with water treatment component moulding, Aqua S.p.A. always kept an inner politic very careful to customer’s needs, always looking at european and International scenario. Starting from a little family business, today Aqua S.p.A. in it’s San Martino in Rio Headquarters counts an area of 7000 square meters in buildings, 4000 hosting production departments and 3000 for goods moving and stocking. 4000 more are under construction to host new departments. 

Two factors distinguished the work of the society in recent years, a strong attention to changing markets and a company policy aimed at the development of commercial structures in areas considered strategic for logistical and market potential.

Very important has been the experience in identifying, acquiring and integrating complementary businesses with their own, which enabled the Group to achieve significant synergies by consolidating its market leadership.

Today the group Aqua is an international reality that owes its strength and its success to the work and commitment of many people.

The breadth of scope and diversification of product lines in the Group, the right mix of flexibility and timeliness, have, over the years, contributed to achieving a real competitive advantage.

Aqua S.p.A. markets its products in approximately 100 countries around the world, makes use of all subsidiaries directly controlled, while where it is present with own subsidiaries, distribution is through independent distributors.


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