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Copy of Copy of plastic water bottles

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German scientists: 24 000 chemicals in plastic water bottles, mostly cause cancer
German scientists concluded in a recent study of 24 thousand chemicals in plastic water bottles, most of which cause cancer, according to the website of «koliktave» us GLS.
He said that German scientists have used 18 different kinds of water bottles, before say the results were monitored in the study, participated in its preparation Martin Wagner and Jörg jeshel auilman, Goethe University, Frankfurt, and Michael sholznr and Terrence Thomas from the German Federal Institute of Hydrological Sciences.
The study showed that the tests conducted on the water in plastic bottles proved to contain a substance (fumarate Dey ithinil 2) or DEHF, which manufacture plastic to make it more flexible, suggesting that many experiments demonstrated the seriousness and impact of antiretroviral activity of male hormones, and estrogen (feminine hormone).

The site that DEHF were more and more clearly into the water, the bad influence of the rest of the chemicals which scientists discovered its existence inside plastic bottles on the hormonal system in General.
The site said that the imbalance has been caused by those substances in endocrine activity can cause cancerous diseases and cause congenital defects of the fetus, as well as cardiovascular disorders, as well as disturbance of the metabolism (metabolism), as well as the growth process.

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